Our Foundations

OurFoundations, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit community-based organization in the United States, and it operates thriving community-centered programs in West Africa. We focus on helping the people of West Africa where millions live in underserved communities.

We believe that sustainable impact starts with local leadership, which is why we are a community-led organization dedicated to advancing the economic and personal development of people who live in remote communities in West Africa where basic economic development infrastructures exist or have limited supply. Our goals include enabling better access to education and health care by providing better modes of transportation that aid in the access to technology, education, health care, and municipal and national markets. We believe that we are all one people, and the world will be better if we build together and continue to make strides that impact lives across borders.

Our Mission

OurFoundations, Inc. is the peoples’ charitable organization focused on addressing basic human needs, community development, and economic empowerment. We believe that all human beings can succeed if given the opportunity to evolve with the rest of the world by gaining access to essential resources, including education, health care, transportation, technology, and the market.

Our Vision

Some communities in West Africa have experienced prolonged droughts of safe and easy access to education, health care, transportation, technology, markets, and other critical infrastructures for economic development.

We believe that a partnership with generous individuals and international and local leaders will assuage the challenges faced by our brothers and sisters in these underserved communities and provide opportunities that will unleash their potential.

Our Generosity

With the helping hands of our generous donors and volunteers, OurFoundations, Inc. will achieve its mission and goals of ensuring that all human beings have equitable access to education, health care, transportation, technology, and the markets.

Our Fairness

OurFoundations, Inc. was founded on the belief of equity for all people, including underserved communities of West Africa. Our nonprofit organization aims to ensure that these communities are provided with their basic needs to integrate and stay connected with the rest of the world. Therefore, we treat all human beings with the same respect and dignity that they deserve.

Our Respect

While we address respect under Fairness, this critical value must be accentuated to remind our staff, website visitors, donors, volunteers, and all current and potential stakeholders that we challenge ourselves to provide resources that are fundamental to the success and human development of our brothers and sisters who live in these underserved communities.

Independence & Neutrality

OurFoundations, Inc. is an independent nonprofit organization that is not affiliated with any religious, social, political, racial, or ideological groups. OurFoundations, Inc. will collaborate with any organization and individuals who share our vision and support our values.