Shabnaum SIngh, ESQ.

Shabnaum Singh serves as Secretary on the Board of Directors for OurFoundations and works to advance the organization’s mission.  Shabnaum developed her passion for helping people at a very early age. While completing her B.A. in English from the State University of New York at Stony Brook, Shabnaum worked at a pharmacy and helped patients navigate various hurdles they encountered while trying to get access to their medications and medical supplies. Shabnaum has a law degree from Widener University School of Law in Wilmington, Delaware, specializing in health law. Shabnaum currently works as the Assistant Privacy Officer at ChristianaCare, a large health system in Delaware. With her entire extended family still residing in the villages of India, Shabnaum has seen the struggles that her family and many other families in similar situations face daily.  Shabnaum believes that these families can experience the same advancements in health care, education, technology, and infrastructure that people of more advanced nations enjoy with the help of organizations like OurFoundations.